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Internal Doors

New interior doors give any room a new look. If you’re looking for an extensive range of high quality yet affordable internal doors for your home, this is the right place to look. We supply and ship to houses and apartments across the UK.

So what do we offer?

Let’s start with our classic wooden interior doors.
Many of these interior wood doors (for example, our oak engineered doors) can simply be varnished. And all styles can also be painted, allowing a match or tone with the rest of your room. Each time you redecorate, the colour of your interior door can change too.

Next, let’s look at what type of style we can offer. If you need to block out light from one room to another, we have solid interior doors. Or you might like our glazed panel styles. These are extremely safe with specially toughened safety glass.

The selection of fire safety doors is rapidly improving. All our internal fire doors comply with safety regulations while offering stylish options.

Finally if space is tight then consider our interior folding doors. These are becoming very popular. Our range has expanded to include bifold interior doors and room dividers.

We can supply just a door for your existing frame and fittings. If you need the complete package we can add a frame and fittings to match, and we can advise on combinations which will work well together.

Our high quality but still competitively priced interior doors are made and supplied by specialists. They are as our name suggests—Distinctive Doors.

Oak Interior Doors, Fielded panel, Raised moulding, Flat panelled designs

Maidenborough 1 Light Bevel Glazed Oak Internal Half Door Chatsworth Gironde 1 Light 4 Panel Prefinished Interior Oak Door Malton Unglazed Door Wordsworth Clear 4 Light Door Victorian 2 Light Flat Panel Door Victorian 4 Flat Panel Oak Interior Fire Door

American White Oak interior doors. Hundreds of traditional and contemporary designs including raised mouldings as well as flat panelled doors.

Oak Interior Room Dividers

Supafold Slide Aside Internal Room Divider With Derwent Derwent Rd4 Room Divider Drayton W6 Oak Internal Room Divider

Bifold Internal Room Dividers. Room Dividers kits with Folding and Sliding track kits. Room Dividers with Static Side Panels. Oak sets complete with frames.

Interior Bi-fold Doors

Supafold Slide Aside Internal Room Divider With Derwent Maidenborough Bevel Glazed Bifold Rother Satin Glazed Bi Fold Wordsworth 4 Panel Bi Fold Maine Full Panel Oak Interior Bifold Door Vermont Satin Glazed Oak Interior Bifold Door Derwent Clear Glazed Bi Fold

We stock a large range of internal bifold doors, all American White Oak. Both glazed and solid patterns are available. For use where space is limited.

Internal Domestic Fire Rated Doors.

Distinctive Doors Fire Door Logo DX Flat Panel Internal Oak Fire Door.Jpg Shaker 4 Flat Panel Oak Interior Door Maidenborough 2 Light Unglazed Internal Oak Fire Door Colonial Fire Door Victorian 4 Flat Panel Oak Interior Fire Door Victorian 2 Light Flat Panel Door Chatsworth Gironde 1 Light Unglazed Fire Door Prefinished Interior Flush Oak Fire Door Chatsworth 2 Panel Fire Door Salvador Oak Internal Fire Door Wordsworth 4 Panel Oak Internal Fire Door Santandor Santandor Interior Oak Prefinished Contemporary Fire Door Drayton 2 Panel Fire Distinctive Doors Fire Door Logo

Loft conversions usually require a fire rated door to provide adequate protection in the event of a fire. 30 minute rated. All have matching non fire doors.

Oak Interior French Door Pairs

Sheaf Unlazed Internal Oak Door Pair Chatsworth 2p Roxborough 6 Panel Oak Internal Door Pair Chatsworth 1light Bevel Pair Chatsworth 6l Bevel Maidenborough 4 Light Bevel Glazed Internal Oak Door Pair Test 1 Derwent Clear Glazed Internal Oak Door

Using 2 doors as an Internal French Door Pair can create an elegant way of separating 2 rooms while opening up the living space when required.

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