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Oak Interior Doors with Raised Moulding

Our extensive range of high quality interior oak doors includes a selection of doors with raised mouldings. Internal doors of this type look good in both traditional and contemporary homes.

Raised moulding doors, sometimes called raised beading doors, have a separately carved beading fixed to the face of the door. This gives an added visual depth to the door’s raised and fielded panels.

These interior doors are unfinished and ready to be suitably painted or stained to compliment your décor.

This selection includes both panelled and glazed options. Our solid core interior doors are engineered. This method makes them more stable than those made in the old way from a single piece of wood (please see the Modern Methods section on our Help page for how this is done). Some of these moulded doors meet fire regulations and this also makes them useful throughout your home.

Our interior glass doors are extremely safe, all are fitted with specially toughened safety glass. We also supply some unglazed options for you to fit with your own glass.

As with all our doors, we can supply just an interior door for your existing frame and fittings. If you need the complete package we can include a frame as well as matching architrave and skirting boards. We can also help with fittings to match your door, and we can advise on combinations which will work well together.

Our high quality internal beaded doors are made and supplied by specialists. They are as our name suggests – Distinctive Doors.

Chatsworth 6 Light Bevel Glazed Interior Oak Door

Chatsworth ardeche 6 light medium

35mm (1.4") Thick and 40mm (1.55") Thick  

40pc off list price

Prices from £90.00

Chatsworth 2 Panel Interior Oak Door

Chatsworth 2 panel medium

35mm (1.4") Thick and 40mm (1.55") thick  

40pc off list price

Prices from £75.00

Regency 4 Panel Interior Oak Door

Regency 4 panel door medium

35mm (1.4") Thick and 40mm (1.55") Thick  

40pc off list price

Prices from £80.00

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