Internal Domestic Fire Rated Doors.

You may be considering a fire door for additional safety in your home or to comply with Building Regulations Part B. Our fire rated doors look just as good as the non-fire doors we offer, and in many cases they can match your other interior or exterior doors. Whether you’re looking for an interesting timber finish or whether you prefer feature fire doors, our wide selection will provide you with the answer.

We supply an extensive range of 44mm (1¾") thick fire doors. Our doors are rated and certified as FD30 (sometimes referred to as 30 minute doors).

Our solid fire doors are engineered. This new manufacturing technique makes them far stronger than those made in the old way from a single piece of wood (please see the Modern Methods section on our Help page for how this is done).

If you choose one of our unglazed options you will need to ensure that your glazing also meets these requirements.

We can also offer panelled and moulded fire doors so you are not limited to a single style of door. Many of our other interior and exterior doors match our fire doors so that a particular style can be used throughout your home.

As with all our doors, we can supply just a fire door for your existing fire door frame and fittings. If you need the complete package we can include a suitable frame. We can also help with fittings to match your door, and we can advise on combinations which will work well together. With fire doors, care should be taken in trimming and decorating your door and you should consult with your buildings inspector to check that the door, fittings and any modifications meet with their approval.

All of our high quality and affordable fire doors are made and supplied by specialists. They are as our name suggests: Distinctive Doors.

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