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Oak Exterior Doors

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or contemporary exterior door, we can offer a wide choice of high quality wooden doors. We supply and distribute external doors to houses and apartments across the UK.

Our range includes full panel oak external doors, as well as options with triple glazed panels.

All our external oak doors are engineered oak. This method produces doors which are far more stable than those made in the traditional manner from a single piece of wood. (Please see the Modern Methods page within our Resources >> FAQ section for how this is done).

An alternative to solid wooden doors are external doors with one or more glazed panels. These exterior doors have pre-installed glazing including clear panels, obscure glass panels, or both. These panels often have decorative leaded glass with raised bevels. All our glazed doors have specially toughened safety glass.

We supply our wooden doors in standard shades. They can be stained or painted, enabling your external wood doors to match or tone with the rest of your house or apartment.

We can supply just the oak door for your existing frame and fittings. If you need the complete package we can pre-hang your chosen wooden door into one of our frames. We can also add appropriate fittings or side panels. We can advise on your project and the various combinations which will work well together to enhance the appearance of your property. Our pre-hung door service is ideal for DIY enthusiasts as it makes it very simple to install the door along with the very high security products which would normally be extremely time consuming to fit.

Our high quality yet affordable wooden exterior doors are made and supplied by specialists. They are as our name suggests ,Distinctive Doors.

Pre-Hung Service with an Oak Frame

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We can pre-hang your chosen door into a frame using our Pre Hung doors system. All you have to do is add your chosen door to your cart then choose from the options above.

Click here for our range of external doors, remembering to add one to your basket along with the pre-hung service, as this pays for the frame, furniture and joiners time only.

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