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Exterior French Doors and Frame Sets

If you’re looking for French doors for your home, then our high quality Hardwood French Doors and Oak French Doors (sometimes called Door Pairs) are ideal.

All our French Doors are fitted with specially toughened glass. And if you’re concerned that having these glass doors will make your home colder, you can be reassured that they are very efficient at retaining heat inside your house or apartment, each set being double glazed.

Most doors open outwards though a few can open inwards. That makes them ideal for use as interior French doors as well as exterior French patio doors.

As well as our ready made door pairs, we can supply you with two standard doors for use as exterior double doors. This is often requested by our customers when they have specific requirements such as larger door pairs (60” width for example) or if the door pair has to match specific internal doors.

If you have limited space to open external French doors then there’s another option you could consider. Some of our sliding glass patio doors or exterior folding doors may be a better fit for your available space. It’s worth looking at them as well as our French doors as there are several to choose from in different configurations. We can help you with advice on what doors to choose from our range to suit the specific requirements of your house or apartment.

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