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Decorating Products, Waxes, Stains, Microporous Treatments

All timber needs to be treated to ensure that it maintains its durability and natural beauty.

We offer a range of high quality decorating products which you can use in accordance with our decorating guide to ensure you get the maximum pleasure from your new doors and frames.

All of the decorating products we sell have been carefully selected through knowledge gained by our staff over the 20 plus years in timber related industries. All are world renowned brands and have been proven to stand the test of time.

We sell a range of Wax Polishes and Oils for interior use, and for exterior use, Microporous Treatments.

A variety of shades are available ranging from Clear through Oak and Mahogany to dark colours such as Jacobean Walnut. While the most popular colour is currently clear, we are sure that the ranges we offer will suit virtually all tastes and decor.

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