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Farmhouse Full Panel Moderno Oak Door Set

Farmhouse full panel 1400mm 78in x 33in large
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Farmhouse Full Panel Moderno Oak Door Set

Farmhouse Full Panel 1981mm × 838mm (78" × 33") Hinges on left when viewed from outside 1400mm (55.1") No Handle Inside No Letter Plate

Code: FARMFP 33 LH MOD1400
144 147 127
pattern_56_75_farmhouse-full-panel glass_57_85_78in-x-33in 54_hinges-on-left 58_1400mm 64_no-handle-inside 62_no-letter-plate
67915.0 0.0 0.0 7553.0 0 0
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This is the overall frame size that we manufacture to. See our measuring guide for help.

Choose a door size: for Farmhouse Full Panel

0.0 1981mm × 762mm (78" × 30") glass_57_83_78in-x-30in 30 145
0.0 2032mm × 813mm (80" × 32") glass_57_84_80in-x-32in 32 146
0.0 1981mm × 838mm (78" × 33") glass_57_85_78in-x-33in 33 147
1700.0 1981mm × 914mm (78" × 36") glass_57_97_78in-x-36in 36S 187

Choose a hanging side (viewed from outside):

0.0 Hinges on left when viewed from outside 54_hinges-on-left LH
0.0 Hinges on right when viewed from outside 55_hinges-on-right RH 119

Choose a handle length:

0 No Handle Outside 83_no-handle-outside
6003.0 1000mm (39.35") 59_1000mm MOD1000 124
7553.0 1400mm (55.1") 58_1400mm MOD1400 127
9463.0 1600mm (63") 60_1600mm ES3-1600-71 126
10065.0 1800mm (70.85") 61_1800mm ES3-1800-71 125

Do you want a handle inside?

0 No Handle Inside 64_no-handle-inside
7500 Matching Handle Inside 65_matching-handle-inside IN

Do you want a Letter Plate?

0 No Letter Plate 62_no-letter-plate
3096.0 Numail Modern Sprung Letter Plate in Bottom Rail 63_letter-plate-bottom-rail 3C102_B 129

U-value splash 17 wm2k Pre-Hung External Door Sets Distinctive Doors Logo Tiny

The Farmhouse Full Panel Moderno Oak Door Set is designed to combine traditional Farmhouse styling with modern tastes. The door set comes with an oak frame, security hinges, 5 lever deadlock, a nightlatch, draught seal and a stainless steel pull handle.

The panel detail has a vertical grain divided by a V Groove detail to give the appearance of individual boards, often referred to as a ‘floorboard’ door. The effect is the same on the inside to give a uniform look as well as adding lots more strength.

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Please note that this is a made to order item. Current lead time is approx. 3 weeks for manufacture.

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