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Newbury Moderno Oak Door Set

Newbury 1400mm 78in x 33in large
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Newbury Moderno Oak Door Set

Newbury 1981mm × 838mm (78" × 33") Hinges on left when viewed from outside 1400mm (55.1") No Handle Inside No Letter Plate

Code: NEW 33 LH MOD1400
184 186 127
pattern_56_106_newbury glass_57_96_78in-x-33in 54_hinges-on-left 58_1400mm 64_no-handle-inside 62_no-letter-plate
76015.0 0.0 0.0 7553.0 0 0
Made to order, parts and materials usually in stock.
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This is the overall frame size that we manufacture to. See our measuring guide for help.

Choose a door size: for Newbury

0.0 2032mm × 813mm (80" × 32") glass_57_95_80in-x-32in 32 185
0.0 1981mm × 838mm (78" × 33") glass_57_96_78in-x-33in 33 186

Choose a hanging side (viewed from outside):

0.0 Hinges on left when viewed from outside 54_hinges-on-left LH
0.0 Hinges on right when viewed from outside 55_hinges-on-right RH 119

Choose a handle length:

0 No Handle Outside 83_no-handle-outside
6003.0 1000mm (39.35") 59_1000mm MOD1000 124
7553.0 1400mm (55.1") 58_1400mm MOD1400 127
9463.0 1600mm (63") 60_1600mm ES3-1600-71 126
10065.0 1800mm (70.85") 61_1800mm ES3-1800-71 125

Do you want a handle inside?

0 No Handle Inside 64_no-handle-inside
7500 Matching Handle Inside 65_matching-handle-inside IN

Do you want a Letter Plate?

0 No Letter Plate 62_no-letter-plate
3096.0 Numail Modern Sprung Letter Plate in Bottom Rail 63_letter-plate-bottom-rail 3C102_B 129

U-value splash 17 wm2k Pre-Hung External Door Sets Distinctive Doors Logo Tiny

The Newbury Moderno Oak Door Set is designed to combine the modern Newbury with a frame and modern fittings to create a complete pre-hung door set. The door set comes with an oak frame, security hinges, 5 lever deadlock, a nightlatch, draught seal and a stainless steel pull handle.

The panel detail has a vertical grain divided by a V Groove detail to give the appearance of individual boards, often referred to as a ‘floorboard’ door. The effect is consistent on the inside to give a uniform look as well as adding strength and durability.

Overall this doorset is a convenient choice for those looking to add an up-to-date splash of style to their home, without the hard work of hanging it themselves.

More Info

  • Click for More Information on the Moderno Pre-Hung Doors including standard and optional fittings and components.

Please note that this is a made to order item. Current lead time is approx. 6 weeks for manufacture.

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