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Trackless Accessory Kit for Slide Aside Bifold Room Dividers

Bfdtlk trackless accessory kit
Code: BFDTLK (Brand: Distinctive Doors)
In stock.

Use for 3 door sets sliding either left or right

Online price: £81.52 (inc VAT) £67.93 (ex VAT) £40.76 (inc VAT) £33.97 (ex VAT)
50% discount if bought with doors: £40.76 (inc VAT) £33.97 (ex VAT)
List price: £116.45 (inc VAT) £97.04 (ex VAT)

Trackless Accessory Room Divider Kit: 3 Door Trackless Accessory Kit


The Trackless Accessory Kit for Slide Aside Bifold Room Dividers is designed to go with our Slide Aside Interior Room Divider kits.

By utilising this kit you can fit our Slide Aside Room Dividers without the use of a bottom track. This is ideal where you want a seamless floor covering running from one room to the next.

Easy to install, this kit contains the bottom pivot as well as a replacement hinge and fitting screws.

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