Farmhouse Oak Exterior Door Triple Glazed Clearance

Farmhouse oak door large


44mm (1¾") Thick HMR Engineered: 1981mm × 762mm (78" × 30")

Code: TGOFARM30CLEARANCE(Brand: Distinctive Doors)
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U-Value of does not apply to this size

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60pc off list priceU Value of 1.8W/m2K Applies to <span class="units millimetres">838mm</span><span class="units punctuation"> (</span><span class="units inches">33&#34;</span><span class="units punctuation">)</span> AND <span class="units millimetres">813mm</span><span class="units punctuation"> (</span><span class="units inches">32&#34;</span><span class="units punctuation">)</span> only

We have a limited number of these Farmhouse Oak Exterior Door Triple Glazed Clearance doors available.

The Farmhouse Oak Exterior Door Triple Glazed Clearance is beautifully manufactured to give your home an imposing entrance.

It is well suited to both traditional houses with lots of character as well as more modern houses.

The vertical panel has a traditional V Groove effect and is surrounded by a beautiful border.

The glazing unit is triple glazed with a brass came (leadwork) and is surrounded by raised mouldings.

Supplied with toughened triple glazing

Raised mouldings around glass on both sides

Brass came

Note: The glass is mostly obscure but the bevel detail in the centre is clear

Letter plates should be installed in the bottom rail. This is to stop any water ingress on the V Groove panel details.

Trimming allowance: -
12.5mm (½") each stile
12.5mm (½") top and bottom

Lipping size: -
20mm (0.8") on all 4 edges

Reason for clearance: Due to a manufacturing change, these doors do not match our new stock. Therefore we are clearing them at a greatly reduced price.

This is a clearance item and is sold without warranty as per our terms & conditions

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