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Newbury Satin Double Glazed Oak Door

Newbury Oak External
Code: DGONEW33 (Brand: Distinctive Doors)
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U-Value of 1.8W/m2K

U Value
Online price: £358.00 (inc VAT) £298.33 (ex VAT)
List Price: £651.00 (inc VAT) £542.50 (ex VAT)


The Newbury Satin Double Glazed Oak Door is a sleek, vertically-boarded door which has a vertical pane of Satin Double Glazing positioned off-centre within the panel of the door.

The central panel is divided into several vertically-grained sections to give the effect of traditional Tongue and Grooved Boards, with the door looking the same inside and out.

The Newbury Satin Double Glazed Oak Door is pre-fitted with one tall Satin Double glazed unit which is toughened and obscure. The beading framing the glazing is raised with a contemporary square edge.

If you require a fully panelled version to match with this inviting door, it coordinates seamlessly with the Farmhouse Full Panel, with both incorporating a sleek, vertical-panel effect wood graining, bringing a traditional touch to a modern and stylish door.

Another alternative is to transform this door into a grandiose Elegant Entrance by using our Siena Side Panel

U Value of 1.8W/m2K <<Click for more info>>

  • Supplied with toughened satin double glazing
  • Raised mouldings around glass on both sides
  • Note: The glass is obscure satin
  • Note: The Satin side of the double glazed unit may be inside or outside depending on how you orientate the door
  • Actual U-Value of the door itself is 1.72 W/m²K with a declared U-Value of 1.8 when supplied as one of our pre-hung door sets.

When fitting the door it is normal to place the glass opposite the hinge side, close to the handle side. We will do this if you order the door pre-hung. The image shown above would apply if the hinges were on the left when viewed from outside.

Letter plates should be installed in the bottom rail. This is to stop any water ingress on the V Groove panel details.

Pre-Hanging Service For External Doors

Pre-Hung Door Option.

Order this Newbury Satin Double Glazed Oak Door door as a pre hung door set including Multipoint lock, Handles, Frame, Hinges, Weatherboard and Cill.

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Trimming allowance: -
12.5mm (½") each stile
12.5mm (½") top and bottom

Lipping size: -
20mm (0.8") on all 4 edges

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Newbury External Oak Door Satin Double Glazed
Newbury Oak External Satin Glazed closeup
Newbury Oak External Groove and Beading Closeup
Newbury Oak External Door Beading closeup