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Iseo Prefinished Offset 4 Light Satin Glazed Interior Oak Door

Ineo Prefin Satin Glazed Cropped Full Length Edit
Code: PFISK4504SAT24 (Brand: Distinctive Doors)
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The Iseo Prefinished Offset 4 Light Satin Glazed Interior Oak Door is beautifully manufactured to the modern taste. Sleek in appearance, this minimal yet eye-catching oak door is made for contemporary living.

The striking offset glazing allows for light to permeate between rooms, providing your living space with a fresh and breathable atmosphere.

It is designed with a horizontal grain displayed through 5 central panels, with 2 vertical panels framing the door in a contrasting vertical grain. Fluted V Groove detail breaks up the door, with the design uniform on the front and back.

It is coated with a 20% sheen PU finish and is ready for immediate hanging for customer convenience.

It is a similar design to our alluring 3FC door.

  • Contemporary Design
  • Prefinished American White Oak
  • Easy clean surface
  • Solid constructed core

Trimming allowance: -
8mm (0.3") each stile
8mm (0.3") top
50mm (1.95") bottom

Lipping size: -
16mm (0.65") on top and both long edges
10mm (0.4") on bottom with additional 50mm (1.95") timber

The Iseo is also available as a fire door

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Ineo Prefin Satin Glazed Side Angle Edit
Ineo Prefin Satin Glazed Closeup Edit