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Suffolk Thumb Latch Set LF5535

Thumb latch set black iron suffolk thumb latch set
Code: LF5535 , EAN: 5050245132238 (Brand: Ludlow Foundries)
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Black Iron: Suffolk Thumb Latch Set


This Black Antique Iron Suffolk Thumb Latch is ideal for characteristic properties. Shabby chic traits make it an eye-catching feature for any door.

Our Suffolk Latch looks marvellous with any Rustic looking door but suits the Mexicano Internal Door beautifully. The heart-shaped the Latch gives it great personality and can be adapted to suit quaint modern homes with enchanting features or charming older properties looking to enhance the old-world feel, either way it remains nostalgically attractive.

  • See the technical drawing on the left for information on dimensions.


200mm (7.85") handle

140mm (5½") latch

Suffolk thumb black iron technical drawing