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White Oak T Piece 44mm (1¾") (Door Pair Maker)

White oak t piece 44mm
Code: AWOT44 (Brand: Distinctive Doors)
In stock.

2100mm (82.7") long
Use with 44mm (1¾") doors to form a pair

Online price: £83.00 (inc VAT) £69.17 (ex VAT) £41.50 (inc VAT) £34.58 (ex VAT)
50% discount if bought with doors: £41.50 (inc VAT) £34.58 (ex VAT)
List price: £128.00 (inc VAT) £106.67 (ex VAT)

Creates Door Pair: Oak T Piece for 44mm (1¾") doors


This White Oak T Piece 44mm (Door Pair Maker) is used to convert any 2 single 44mm (1¾") doors into a door pair.

Fixed to the slave door the master door closes up to it. Typically used to form the joint instead of rebating as it is faster (therefore cheaper) and easier.

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