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Chatsworth 3 Light Bevel Glazed Interior Oak Half Door

Chatsworth 3 light half door
Code: AWOCHAT3LBEVRM15 (Brand: Distinctive Doors)
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The Chatsworth 3 Light Bevel Glazed Interior Oak Half Door is an exquisitely designed _half_door designed to characterise your home with extra elegance by complimenting the full sized door. The internal Chatsworth 3 Light has a lower raised & fielded panel and three upper bevel glazed units which are toughened. All of these have decorative moulding surrounding them which is raised to give a look of extra depth.Used creatively you can create either a small cupboard door, or with another half door to convert a standard doorway to a pair of doors. It can also be used with a full sized door to create a door and a half set.

  • 3 glass panels
  • Clear beveled glass – beveled 1 side only
  • Half door
  • Raised mouldings
  • Huge range of matching doors

The External Chatsworth Entrance matches perfectly with the internal 3 Light. This Chatsworth is also available in a 2 Panel version, this is especially useful for maintaining privacy in rooms such as the bathroom.

Supplied with toughened clear beveled glass pre-fitted

Trimming allowance: -
8mm (0.3") each stile
8mm (0.3") top and bottom

Lipping size: -
16mm (0.65") on all 4 edges

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Chatsworth 3 Light Half Door Closeup
Chatsworth 3 Light Half Door Side Angle