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Mexicano 4 Light Bevel Glazed Interior Oak Door

Mexicano 4 light oak internal door
Code: AWOMEX4LBEV27 (Brand: Distinctive Doors)
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The Mexicano 4 Light Bevel Glazed Interior Oak Door is beautifully manufactured to give your home a fresh elegant appeal while retaining a traditional look.

The Mexicano 4 Light can be adapted to both traditional and modern settings. The panels in the lower half of the door are composed of eye-catching flat-square grooves (instead of the usual V groove), which also create an understated border surrounding the vertical panels for a more modern design.

The boards on the door finish flush with the face and are not inset.

The clear glazing is bevelled, as you can see from the way the light reflects at the edges on the images provided. This is more of an elegant look than simple flat glazing.

The Mexicano 4 Light will match with the 'External Farmhouse' . This door is also available in a full panel version named "’Mexicano Full Panel.’:/products/566

Supplied with toughened clear bevelled glass pre-fitted

  • Flat square grooves
  • Same both sides
  • Half glazed
  • Clear bevelled glass – bevelled 1 side only
  • Matching suite of doors

Trimming allowance: -
8mm (0.3") each stile
8mm (0.3") top and bottom

Lipping size: -
16mm (0.65") on all 4 edges

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Mexicano 4 Light Full Side Angle
Mexicano 4 Light Closeup 2
Mexicano 4 Light Closeup