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4 Light Stable Double Glazed Oak External Door

4 light stable oak
Code: DGO4LSTABEV30 (Brand: Distinctive Doors)
In stock.

U-Value of 1.8W/m2K

U Value
Online price: £279.00 (inc VAT) £232.50 (ex VAT)
List Price: £455.00 (inc VAT) £379.17 (ex VAT)


This stable version of the 4 Light Double Glazed External Door is essentially split in 2. Usually used on the rear or kitchen door of a property, the top part of the door can be opened independent of the lower section. This is excellent in the summer for letting in fresh air whilst keeping pets outside.

The vertical panel on the lower half has traditional ‘V groove effect’. In the upper part the glass is clear with a beveled border. The beading around the glazing is flat.

The meeting rails where the upper and lower parts come together is rebated. This means that the top part can hold the bottom part closed.

  • Supplied with toughened clear bevel edged double glazing pre-fitted
  • Important: Door must be fitted opening inwards to ensure glazing beads are on the inside of the property.
  • Please note: NOT suitable for actual stables (ie where horses live)

Please note that we are not able to offer this door as a pre-hung door set.

Trimming allowance: -
12.5mm (½") each stile
12.5mm (½") top and bottom

Lipping size: -
20mm (0.8") on all 4 edges

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