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Modica Oak External Door

Modica oak door
Code: EXTMOD30 (Brand: Distinctive Doors)
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The Modica Oak External Door is beautifully manufactured to the modern taste. Sleek in appearance, this door is made for contemporary living.

The panel detail has a horizontal grain separated into 4 separate areas by a V Groove detail

Another alternative is to transform this door into a grand Modica Entrance by using our Arta Side Panel

Letter plates should be installed in the bottom rail. This is to stop any water ingress on the V Groove panel details.

Pre-Hanging Service For External Doors

Pre-Hung Door Option.

Order this Modica Oak External Door door as a pre hung door set including Multipoint lock, Handles, Frame, Hinges, Weatherboard and Cill.

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Trimming allowance: -
12.5mm (½") each stile
12.5mm (½") top and bottom

Lipping size: -
20mm (0.8") on all 4 edges

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Modica Close-Up
Modica Low Angle
Modica Side Angle