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Protecting Your Door: Advice on how to properly store and protect your door before decoration.

Storing Your Doors

Prior to decoration, all doors – both internals and externals, need to be stored in a cool, dry place. It is preferable if they are kept laid on their back on a flat surface , as storing them upright can cause them to twist and bow.

Sealing Your Door

Our oak doors, unless otherwise stated by a ‘prefinished’ indicator of some kind in their description, will be shipped in the white. They are raw timber products and need to be primed and decorated from scratch prior to installation.

Particular care needs to be taken to prime and decorate the cut-outs for the locks and hinges, as some people wrongly assume that water or dampness will not penetrate these areas due to being covered by the metal. This is incorrect and can result in your hinges and locks malfunctioning.

Internal Door Preparation and Protection

Before anything else, the pin holes on the beading need to be filled using a filler which will match your desired colour, as wood stain stains wood only, not the filler. We recommend Brixwax Wax Filler Sticks from Amazon, they have a good range of colours; all less than £7.

Any varnish, wax or paint applied to internal doors need to be spirit based. If you use any water based products on your door, it will soak through the veneer and react with the adhesive which keeps the particle core, the solid timber lippings and the veneer together, causing the door to peel and split away.

No less than 4 coats should be applied to both sides at the same time in order to ensure a moisture balance throughout the thickness of the door.

External Door Protection and Preparation.

As with internal doors, ensure that the beading pin holes and such like are filled using the recommended Brixwax Wax Filler Sticksas previously mentioned.

External doors, frames and panels also need to be treated with a spirit based microporous treatment, as this will preserve the life of the door whilst also allowing the timber to breathe.

If you are choosing to stain your door, then apply one base coat of this treatment, and three topcoats of wood stain. We recommend the Sadolin products below.

Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain 1 Litre
Sadolin Extra Durable Clear Coat   Satin

If you are choosing to paint your door, then a spirit or aluminium based primer must be used. Primers are often both primers and undercoats, so if this is the case with yours then you will need two priming coats, followed by two coats of paint. If the primer functions as a primer only, then apply one coat of this, followed by *one layer of undercoat, to be finished with two coats of paint.

  • For a more in-depth instruction guide, follow this link to our Frequently Asked Questions advice page.