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How To Create That Oh La La Effect With Your French Door

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A big part of being a homeowner is making your house a bona-fide home. Sounds like a cliche, doesn’t it? Yet all of us recognise the need to make our choice of clothes, car and shoes say something about us, so why should the most important part of the entire place where you spend two thirds of your life ,be excluded? With recent improvements in renovation options you’re more-or-less spoilt for choice. So, if you’re tired with living in a living room that doesn’t scream ’you’, now’s the time to break out the wallet, line up those catalogues and get ready for a good old-fashioned spending spree.

The Wow Factor

The ’wow’ factor simply refers to what you want visitors to exclaim when they walk in your door. The secret to getting that stunned reaction is simple: lots of light. We humans are programmed to seek out light; when we live without it we get cranky and depressed. Our inclination is to flock in our droves to tropical beaches and soak up the rays. The same principle applies in the home: when we’ve got a light and airy room we naturally gravitate towards it, rather than the dark and dingy cubbyholes under the stairs. Now, there are many options for increasing the sunlight in your front room, but ,short of knocking out a wall ,none works so well as the classic French door. Blisteringly bright in the spring, convertible to an ’open air, open plan’ feel in the summer, and a lifesaver in the dark recesses of winter, this easy installation can give your living room a whole new feel. But how do you choose the exact right French door design? We’re here to help:

. Rio door pair sc hardwood

Which Door?

Types of French door are as varied as people. You might prefer Oak French doors, hardwood French doors, or even Bi-Folding. So which is for you? Well, first you need to take stock of what you have to work with. How large your front room is, how much space you have and what surroundings you’ll be working with are all vital questions. For example: those of you lucky enough to have a vast wall to work your magic on may want to experiment with sliding doors. Despite the additional cost, a sliding door can work wonders for a property. Qualified fitters are capable of installing space in the walls, allowing your door to simply slide away into infinity. With the door itself now out of sight, you’re left with a stunning open plan feel; as if nature is waiting to come tumbling into your front room and mess up all your furnishings. It’s a powerful, summery design and perfect for those in more-southerly latitudes.

If you’re working on a budget, or fancy something simpler, Bi-Folding doors may be for you. Where a slider seems to operate on magic; bi-folders retain a homespun charm ideal for rural or rustic locations. A push of a finger allows you to ’fold’ your vast window in two and pack the panels away to the sides; allowing for ease of access and an understated feel. Very popular with professionals and aspiring property-types; the Bi-Fold is a perfect compromise between expense and class.

Fancy sliders and folding doors may sound nice, but if you’re a traditionalist at heart you could go with the tried-and-tested Edwardian French door model. Rather than making claims to be a window, this model does exactly what it says: functioning as a set of doors through which you can sweep in and out of the garden, the wow oh la  la  effect. Those who like their decor unpretentious should make a beeline for these classic French door designs. Quaint, old-fashioned and suited to a cosy home, this model has stood the test of time.

Finally, all that’s left is to choose your furnishing. For a naturalistic, regal feel, try oak French doors. If modern minimalism is more your thing, head to the ’hardwood French doors’ section. Remember, this re-made room is going to be seen as an extension of yourself, so make sure it shouts YOU loud and proud for all to hear. Good luck with choosing the right door for you.

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